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13 März 2019      00:57

Good day, dear readers: 

We are international policy experts. 

We get straight to the point: 

If the subsequent political direction does not prevail, huge crises will shake life - no matter in which country. The chances of big gains should be lost forever. 


Why this? 

Where are the deepest reasons? 

Politic is the control head of the earth. That ist undisputable.

The political systems - the democracies - are still mostly largely misconstructed to this day. And this against some successful management rules.  

They are also still predominantly controlled by questionable politicians: Hardly a politician has until the hour a really valuable education for the correct policy. *

The citizens and voters for the election of the best politicians as well! They do not even know in the majority, according to our extensive tests, how to recognize and promote capable politicians. It can therefore "everyone", not infrequently "full dork", politicians "play"! 

And even more serious: for the weighty education of children you need no training. 

That's why the society is falling apart enormously. Devastating developments are beginning. Developments that have certainly not existed in human history. 

 The most visible consequences for the unpolitical citizen from these political, immature systems: Politicians and parties make endless and pointless quarrels. The citizens no longer know which party, what politician has done what in the country!   

 To get even clearer: 

 The world community is sitting, as it were, in "political planes" that are built in a layman's way and controlled in the same way. At the same time, the "passengers in the back of the seats" simply do not want to know about this terrific disaster. Or they see this spectacle as "natural" despite the warnings of experienced pilots and pilot instructors "on board in the rows of seats." 

Why this? The "passengers themselves want to play a pilot". 

 And so incompetents are increasingly coming to the "cockpit" - so in the Top Policy! 

 Please read the following carefully. It's about your future! The big political solutions are presented. Do not read the following passages via smartphone and iphone, but via PC. It should also be noted that only this website and the two following websites are the websites approved by us.   

 Some Details:

Avoidable, painful epochs, according to objective historiography, always only came when society did not listen to the real elites! And societies especially do not listen to these today. One follows "the apparent elites", the "babblers", "liars", "Täuschern", "addicts", "showers". 

 The main culprit is not the workers and not the low-level employees in the companies and authorities, not even the lobbies and so-called "dark backers", but the professors of political and social sciences at universities around the world, their assistants and even their uncritical students , this into the further humanities, into the psychology, philosophy and religious studies! 

The millions of naives of the "modern esotericism", which have been committed for decades in unbelievable, foolish presumptions and despite plausible counter-evidence still cling to the erroneous belief that one is "looking away", the "blind positive thinking", are also largely responsible "Buddha and Zen schools" or "New Age movements" can generate a great future. Nowhere is the "blue sky" talked down so "abominably" as in these groupings. 

 However, and wherever: These circles above all constitute the "dearly bought anti-elites". The "elites" who lead the present and the future, which trigger very serious crises - at least prevent the positive developments. 

 Who are we? 
We are political experts, among others, from the former consultant environment of the US government, sometimes with a policy of more than 40 years. 

At the heart of the political solutions is a training center for politicians and citizens, voters, this called ANP. Why? Because the whining can never solve the problems. 
 The ANP is possibly the first political and citizenship university in the world. 
Their complicated and extremely rare subject matter has been developed in recent decades from political practice and theory.

Academy for New Political Leadership:   

This should be built as an online university in the first step. The Internet allows lightning-fast, simultaneous training of millions of citizens and voters via "webinars". So today you can train half the world politically within a few years. Of course you could do that on TV too. 
Please take a look at the short presentation of the ANP. Test your knowledge and especially promote this school through the distribution of this website: 

In particular, the ANP presents the correct, properly organized democracies. Answer at least some of the 1,000 questions and send us their answers to: 

 The politician has his foundation in the citizens and voters and in the educators of children. For from the bourgeois naivets goes out the real evil of the world. Also the evil that the lobbies have long dominated the life significantly, and many media representatives down to a Claus glue the citizens by the nose. 
In the following, you can already test to what extent you are a good citizen and voter: 

Send us your answers again: 

If readers are interested in the context of today's international politics, please read this: 
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Do you want deepest insight in the devastating, political, historical and current wrong decisions especially those of the White House learn from 1980, then please have a look at the following website:

On these pages, you can see that, between 1979 and 2018 alone, $ 20 trillion in NATO's corruption has been torn from Western taxpayers by NATO corruption. If one adds the civilian orders of the western states to the industries down to the municipal levels, the losses could still amount to the 70 billion USD - USD -. That's 25% of the current, worldwide debt of all countries in the world. At the same time, however, projects have also been financed by the taxpayer, who are largely unusable. A concrete consequence: The Russians have always built much better, because more reliable weapons that show at least in case of war not high default rates. The current Russian rearmament, triggered by Western politicians, is proving worrying. This $ 70 trillion invested in sound technology policy, while maintaining sound social, education, development and environmental policies, would have revolutionized life on Earth in the most positive light. 

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For decades, we have determined that the vast majority of people do not even change the most convincing, scientific arguments about how to defend against crises because of the strength of their emotions and passions - but only through strong, physical and emotional pain. Historical data confirm this: o All major ups and downs did indeed come only in the phase of strongest pain crises. Unfortunately, most people today never listen to reason, but only to their driving forces. That is why we must also name today's egoists - who put the above solutions at the expense of future generations in the way - in lists called "NEGATIVE LISTS" for a later charge. This is the saddest chapter in the whole topic. Please look under:


We politicians and citizens alike have no choice but to tackle this crucial reform without delay. Ask us what you can specifically do about it. Search quickly fellow combatants and co-sponsors. We do not have 30 years left to tackle the big solutions. 
Write us at: 

Let us wish you luck that this "maneuver" succeeds. Think less about yourself, but above all about the offspring, of whom we had to identify very many at the age of 4 to 12 years as the "far smarter" than the elders. You might even think today that children come from a "smarter life on a higher-developed planet": As clever as the boys were, on the other hand as foolish-arrogant as their parents showed in intelligence tests - we never expected. Among the parents were many teachers, university teachers, esotericists, so-called "elites". Unfortunately, we also have to carry out this "drama" with test questions and answers someday. The current "Greta Thunberg Movement" indicates a coming, formidable charge. But it requires - is the political world "mega-complicated" - necessarily the political expertise of political professionals. 

 In contrast, the outrageous as vain criticism of the German young politician, the greenish FDP federal chairman Christian Lindner out of place, which says that the solution to the world climate problem is not the cause of the children, but the "cause of the professionals" - so the FDP.




 And the quality of the "political pilots" is becoming ever stranger, especially in the western states. 

 Please read the POLITICAL JOKES right button.